About Us

Our Mission:

Key Sports Nutrition (KSN) is committed to the continued advancement of science based sports nutrition supplements.

We are dedicated to scientifically and medically supported research as a backbone to nutritional advancement designed to promote optimum health and enhance athletic performance.

Our Values:

Focus on Performance

Through dedicated effort and peerless foresight KSN is committed to introducing new and effective “state of the art” performance enhancing products that are backed by science and based on the concept of enhancing metabolic pathways.

Work as a Team

Our common goal is to provide credible information on the proper use of nutritional supplements as a way to intensify the performance level of every athlete.  Void of non-supported hype and propaganda. KSN is committed to improving your performance no matter what endeavors you pursue.

Quality Assurance

KSN uses GMP compliant and FDA regulated guidelines; our products are verified through random in-house and independent laboratory testing. Only cGLP analytical laboratory services are used to confirm the purity and potency of every ingredient on our labels. To further diminish any chance of physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants, we have established and implemented our own Quality Control Board Program that ensures everything goes through a point check process. Quality assurance professionals make routine checks on all storage, blending, and production areas and conduct final inspections daily.