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Shaun McAlevey

Shaun McAlevey

Shaun is a driven father of 2 with 18 years of training experience. His passion for bettering himself has translated well into his training business Macfitness.  Macfitness currently has clients from all over the globe. Shaun is a certified personal trainer and life coach.  He helps clients achieve their competitive goals on the stage, as well as in life and in general fitness. He is a supervising process engineer, real estate investor, and owns multiple businesses. Shaun is also an avid competitor and competes in the NPC Men's Physique division.

Rebeccah Gomez

Madyson Milordi

Leti Sterneckert

Kevin Harris


Kevin (Rock Dog) Harris is a professional arm wrestler who has competed all over the world.  Over his 20 year career he has developed a long and distinguished list of accomplishments. Kevin was the 2015 open pro champion in both the right and left hand division, 2014 Mr Olympia Arm Wars Champion, 2011 European Arm Wars Champion and a finalist in the 2012, 2013 and 2014  Arnold Classic in Spain and London. He is a 5 time national champion winning in both the right and left hand divisions and finished in the top 4 nationally 12 times. He competes in the open pro and master division.  He has won multiple state championships in, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Ilinois and was elected into the arm wrestling hall of fame in 1998. 

At 50 years old Kevin believes age is only a number, with the right diet plan and supplements you can compete professionally regardless of age.  He is an avid lifter who promotes a healthy lifestyle and a killer work ethic. He believes success comes to those that are focused and determined on the end result, it’s your road….train hard, eat right. Your success is waiting on you.

Meredith Draisey

Meredith discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while studying for her bachelors degree in nursing nearly eight years ago. Since then she has incorporated everything from yoga to kickboxing into her workouts. Meredith won her first ever figure competition in April 2015 and has big plans for the national stage in 2016. As a mom, a full time operating room nurse, and exercise enthusiast, this former Texan knows the meaning of the word dedication.